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India Ministry Options & City Description

Ministry Options:

  • Orphan Ministry
  • Help Care for Homeless Children
  • Help Care for Physically Challenged Children
  • Help Care for Emotionally Challenged Children
  • Conduct a VBS, Sports or Music Camp for Children
  • Take Children to the Zoo
  • Teach in a Christian School
  • Reach Out to those Living in the Slums
  • Conduct Jungle Outeach
  • Conduct Outreach in the City
  • Perform Building Repair on the Church, School and Orphanage
  • Perform Grounds Repair for the Church, School and Orphanage

City Description:

  • Urban Location
  • Surrounded by Jungles
  • Large Hindu Population
  • Many are Living in Poverty

General County Information:

Population: 1,147,995,904 People
Per Capita Income: $816.60 US Dollars
Religion: 80.5% Hindu, 13.4% Muslim, 2.5% Christian, 2% Sikh