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New Orleans, LA Ministry Options & City Description

Ministry Options:

  • Children's Camps
  • Tutoring at a Local School
  • Teen Camps
  • Creative Community Outreach (i.e. Jesus Film Distribution, Water Bottle Distribution at Park, Drama Ministry)
  • Work Projects (Few Homes Have Gutting Projects, Many Home Finishing Projects, Opportunities for Skilled Contractors Plumbing, Electric, Drywall, Landscaping Restoration)
  • Sharing Lunch with the Homeless
  • Blanket and Coat Distribution for Homeless
  • Community BBQ
  • Sports Camps
  • Music Camps
  • Nursing Home Ministry
  • Participation in a Local Church Service
  • Homeless Shelter Ministries
  • Soup Kitchen Ministries
  • Coffee House Ministries
  • Computer Training Classes

Community Description:

  • Struggling to Recover after Hurricane Katrina
  • Many who were Uprooted are not Coming Back
  • Outside Help Decreasing
  • Those Who Have Returned are Working Hard to Re-establish the Community
  • Resources are Limited

City Description:

  • Population: 293,124
  • Religion: 44.13% of the people in New Orleans, LA are religious: 28.14% Catholic, 11.58% Protestant, 0.07 Latter Day Saints, 1.68% other Christian Faith.
  • Avg. Household Income: $35,859
  • Race: Black: 67.3%, White Non-Hispanic: 26.6%, Hispanic: 3.1%.
  • Highest Level of Education: High school or higher: 74.7%, Bachelor's degree or higher: 25.8%, Graduate or professional degree: 10.7%.
  • Location: 5 ½ hours east of Houston, TX, 3 hours west of Pensacola, FL.
  • Climate: March: 65 degrees, June: 80 degrees, September: 80 degrees, December: 55 degrees.
  • Occupations: Male: Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers, Female: Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations.