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Trip Policies

In planning this trip with you, we hope to minister to you and others by:

  • Developing spiritual life skills in your team: By focusing each trip on the basics, spiritual disciplines that are necessary both on and off the field, we will help reinforce that which you are currently striving to instill in the lifes of your team members. In this way we serve each participant.
  • Advancing the work of local ministries: By providing thoroughly equipped people resources, we will be able to offer encouragement and support for those missionaries already on the field. In this way we serve the world.
  • Saving you time: By handling trip logistics, we will free you up to focus on the discipleship of your team before, during, and after your trip. In this way we serve the local church.

The following 3 objectives will be the primary focus of our ministry this year. Everything we do in preparation for this trip as well as every aspect of the actual trip will focus on them, so it is vital that your team become very familiar with each objective. Each participant will . . .

Objective #1
FOCUS: Our relationship with Jesus

Objective #2
FOCUS: Our relationship with the church

Objective #3
FOCUS: Our relationship with the world

We pray that as your team experiences the power and character of God, radical decisions will be made and that lives will be changed forever. All resulting from each member taking at least one permanent, significant step towards their likeness to Jesus Christ for His glory.

Scripture is clear that Satan wants nothing more than to destroy any pursuit of building God's Kingdom and any desires that a person has of becoming like Jesus Christ. It is for these reasons that our teams need to be prepared for the battle they will face.

Please keep in mind that pre-trip preparation is NOT a necessary evil, nor is it a worthless time consumer. Spending time preparing for this missions experience is an excellent means of being involved in the process of developing MATURING DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ. And then, watching those disciples be a part of building God's Kingdom. We pray that you will be able to develop a vision of the amazing things that the Lord can do in your team's lives during this time. Below are just a few of the key benefits.

Pre-trip preparation . . .

  • Helps ensure that expectations are reasonable
  • Helps minimize fear of the unknown
  • Helps equip team members with necessary ministry skills
  • Helps provide a safer environment in which to practice those skills
  • Helps identify individual strengths/growth areas and the resulting team identity
  • Helps accelerate the development of team unity by ensuring that participants are one in spirit and in purpose
  • Helps emphasize the value of true Biblical fellowship as team members begin to see the importance of bearing one another's burdens, praying for one another, spurring one another on, etc.
  • Helps weed out various problems and tensions prior to the trip
  • Helps team members develop more specific personal goals and prayer requests for the trip
  • Helps give leaders a chance to connect with their team on a deeper level through planned (and unplanned) discussions about fears, concerns, hopes and dreams
  • Helps supporters and church leadership see the level of your commitment
  • Helps give parents more confidence in your ability to care for their children
  • Helps to provide an arsenal established in scripture for the attacks they will face.
  • Teams will be required to complete the preparation materials we provide.

Please understand that while we endeavor to develop the most solid plans we can concerning your trip, events develop that are often beyond our control. Many times the Lord has diverted our attention from our intended path to accomplish far greater results. For this reason it is important for you to know that our plans are TENTATIVE and could change even minutes before they are scheduled to take place. We appreciate your grace and understanding with this.

God did nothing less than His best in sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. As we serve Him, anything less than our best is a slap in His face.


  • Each member of your team that is 18 years old or older at any point during the trip must complete a background check.
  • Your organization or its Team Members are responsible for this cost of $16.95 per person.
  • A link for this background check will be available shortly and will be emailed to you when ready.
  • This is required for participation on the trip.

  • All teams must have a minimum of 10 Team Members 12 years old or older by the start date of the Trip, participating for the entire Trip.
  • Teams dropping in size below 10 at Trip time still need to pay for 10 Team Members and are subject to a change in Trip Location.
  • The final per person price applies to all Team Members regardless of their length of time on the Trip.

The following three lists breakdown your cost. The first is a list of what your cost per person covers. The second list itemizes what you are responsible to pay in addition to the per person fee. With some minor exceptions you pay for your expenses leading up to the start time of the trip and picking up after the conclusion of the trip. We handle most everything in-between. The third list details our additional services available to you. Cost for these additional services will be based on the number of participants.

The Per Person Fee Covers:

  • Team Leader Preparation Materials and Back Pack
  • All Team Member Preparation Materials
  • Trip Devotional Theme Kit for all Team Members (Various Themes Available)
  • CSTM Approved Public Transportation Expenses During the Trip, This does not Include Transportation to/from Airports, Train Stations, Etc. to or from the Host Ministry or Housing Site
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Ministry Supplies (Limited to Items Purchased by CSTM, This does not Apply to Items you Purchase Prior to or During the Trip)
  • Staffing (Teams are responsible to provide their own Worship Leader. CSTM can provide a Worship Leader for an additional fee to cover their expenses)
  • All Administrative Fees
  • Medical & Travel Insurance for International Trips Only.

What you Need to Cover...
  • Notary and Doctor Fees
  • Background Checks
  • Medical Insurance Travel Plans for Domestic Trips-Required for Team Members Without Medical Insurance. Contact CSTM Office for approved insurance agencies.
  • Travel Expenses To, During and From your Trip Excluding CSTM Approved Public Transportation Expenses During the Trip
  • Worship Leader-In order to keep trip pricing down we ask each team to bring their own Worship Leader. CSTM can provide a Worship Leader for an additional fee to cover their expenses.
  • All Free Time Expenses and Meals
  • Additional Trip Staff Expenses Incurred as a Result of Team Adjustments to Trip ie. Staying in a Hotel
  • Pre Trip Site Visit
  • Penalties or Payment Late Fees

Additional Services we can Provide at an Additional Cost...
  • Your Promotional Meeting
  • Pre-Trip Site Visit
  • Pre-Trip Training Meetings
  • Trip Leader Training
  • Prayer Cards
  • Display Set-Up
  • Additional Items like Duffle Bags, Sweat-Shirts, etc.
  • Video for your Return Service

Current Pricing Expires August 31, 2017

Payment #1

  • A $500 non-refundable Registration Deposit is due in our office within 10 business days of the submission of the Registration Form in order to reserve your trip location and dates.
  • This Registration Deposit counts toward the price of your overall trip cost.
  • Your trip will not be reserved until both the Registration Form and the $500 Non-Refundable Registration Deposit are received in our office.
  • Preparation specific to your trip will begin once our office receives your Registration Form and your Registration Deposit. Prior to that trip details are general.

Payment #2

  • A $50/person non-refundable Application Deposit for each person comprising your team is due in our office 90 calendar days prior to the start date of your trip.
  • This Application Deposit counts toward the price of your overall trip cost.
  • Each Team Member's Participant Applications & all Team Member paper work are due in our office 90 calendar days prior to the start date of your trip.

Payment #3

  • 50% of your balance is due in our office 60 calendar days prior to the start date of the trip.

Payment #4

  • The remainder of your balance is due 30 days prior to the start date of the trip.
  • Your Team Leader Team Assessment is due with this payment.

If you registered for your trip sometime within 90 days prior to the trip start date our office will send you an updated payment schedule.

Please only send one check from your church/organization or personal account for each payment. Do not send individual checks for each Team Member or cash.

Individuals or teams sent home for rules violation will loss 100% of their payment and be responsible for all expenses for their trip home.

You will be Billed for any and all:

  • Payment Late Fees-$20 for Every 5 Business Days any of your Payments is Late, These Fees Must be Paid Prior to your Trip Start Date or your Trip will be Cancelled
  • Damages and Repairs Caused by your Team Members to Other People's Property
  • Janitorial Fees for any end of Trip Cleaning your Team did not Perform.

Please make check payable to The Center for Short Term Missions and mail to 317 Gwynedd Ct, Exton, PA 19341. Your trip will not be reserved until this fee is received.

The closer we get to the start date of your trip, the more money is disbursed on your behalf toward the trip expenses. For this reason, the following cancellation policy has been established. Attention Team Leaders-Please make sure that each of the Members of your Team is made aware of this Cancellation policy, as it affects them if they cancel from the trip as well.

  • Canceling 91+ days prior to the start date of your trip results in the loss of Payment #1, The Registration Deposit
  • Canceling 61 to 90 days prior to the start date of your trip results in the loss of Payments #1 & #2.
  • Canceling 16 to 60 days prior to the start date of your trip results in the loss Payments #1, #2 & #3
  • Canceling from your trip start date to 15 days prior to your trip start date results in the loss of Payments #1, #2, #3 & #4.

We may be requesting that your organization provide a Certificate of Insurance for proof of coverage.

We will also be requesting proof of insurance from each participant. Individuals without personal medical insurance will be required to purchase Trip Insurance through our provider.

Please keep in mind that the primary provision of insurance comes from your ministry and each individuals policy.


  • Each team member must demonstrate a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Each team member must demonstrate a teachable spirit
  • Each team member must demonstrate the ability and willingness to be adaptable
  • Each team member must complete all pre-trip preparation
  • Each team member must cooperate with the rules of the trip
  • Each team member must be at least 12 years of age by the start date of the trip, excluding family trips, children under the age of 12 by the start date of the trip must be accompanied by at least one of their parents
  • Each team member must have medical insurance

All dress code decisions have risen out of a commitment to . . .

  • Modesty
  • Safety
  • Cultural Sensitivity

As you select your clothing, please remember that . . .
  • The way we dress could hurt the testimony of Jesus Christ and it has the potential of distracting people from our message.
  • Immodest dress could increase the risk of danger or harm.
  • Sexual temptations affect us all, Christian or not. Please think carefully about how your clothing choices may affect those within the team from the opposite sex. Tell your girls, "Girls, this is an opportunity for you to serve your brothers as they strive and struggle to be pure. Your dads can be extremely helpful here. Why don't you consider running your outfits by him? If he doesn't think that other men would have a problem with your choices, then great! But, if there is even the slightest concern that a piece of clothing might cause another team member to stumble, then submit to his wisdom and don't even consider packing it."

The following pieces are not appropriate at any location.
  • Shorts that are more than 4 inches above the knee
  • Short skirts or short dresses
  • Any sleeveless shirts (includes cut-offs, spaghetti straps, tank tops, etc.)
  • Shirts that are too short to stay tucked in, please note-we do not require that shirts remained tucked in.
  • Extreme clothing: either skin-tight or excessively baggy
  • Clothing or pieces with inappropriate advertisements/messages as determined by CSTM staff
  • Two piece ladies bathing suits/bikini style bathing suits for men
  • Open-toed and/or open heeled shoes (i.e. flip flops, sandals, or clogs) may be worn ONLY while inside at the base. For your safety, they are not permitted at any of our work or ministry sites (including the church services that we will attend).

It is important that each participant understand that our ministry during our trips is primarily relational in nature. Not wanting to interact with people, even casually, will not be an option.

Work type projects may play a role on our trip but it, for the most part, is with the intention of developing a relationship.

Relationships could be between the community and your participants and/or between the community and the host ministry we are working with.


  • Step 1-In the event of a discipline issue the Team Leader will be asked to address those involved directly and to clearly remind them of the expected behavior and to remind them of the following steps if the issue continues.
  • Step 2-If the problem continues The Trip Leader and The Team Leader will address those involved.
  • Step 3-If the problem continues The Trip Leader, The Host Ministry Director and The Team Leader will address those involved and a call will be made to the parents.
  • Step 4-If the problem continues those involved will be sent home at their expense with no trip cost refunds.

The following is an overview of the Team Member Covenant. It is important that you review, understand and support what will be required of your team. All Covenant items refer to adult and student Team Members with the exception that adult Team Members are permitted to have their cell phone during the trip.
  • I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • I agree to do all that I can to pursue the 3 objectives that have been established for this trip.
  • I understand that cell phones, electronic games, I-Pod's and all other electronic devices are not permitted on the trip.
  • I understand that dating relationships and romantic/sexual pursuits are not permitted during the trip.
  • I will not complain during the trip and will do my best to have a flexible and teachable attitude.
  • I will submit to all Trip Leaders and Staff.
  • I will not use profanity during the trip.
  • I will not use and/or purchase alcohol, drugs, tobacco or participate in any illegal activity during the trip. Please make us aware of your adult smokers, so we can make accomodations.
  • I will adhere to the dress code.
  • I will follow all safety guidelines given to me during this trip.
  • I understand that I am not permitted to leave our base for any unapproved reason, ie. going for a run.
  • I approve the use of pictures, videos, and testimonies of and from me in future promotional materials for CSTM.
  • I understand that by breaking this covenant, CSTM and/or my Team Leader will dismiss me from the team. If an infraction occurs during the trip, CSTM and/or my Team Leader will send me home at my own expense and any money paid will be forfeited.

I understand that compromising this covenant may result in the cancellation of my teams involvement with CSTM's Trip Program or in the early dismissal of my team (or offending individual[s]) from our trip. My cancellation or any dismissal will affect the finances as I have committed to CSTM's Trip Program as dictated by the Cancellation Policy.
  • I commit to maintaining my spiritual, personal, and professional obligations as best I can
  • I commit to thoroughly review all the information sent to me by CSTM
  • I understand that every participant age 18 or over by the start date of the trip may need to complete a Background Check
  • I support the vision and objectives of CSTM's Trips
  • I commit to maintain the Dress Code established for this trip
  • I commit to CSTM's Trip Financial Policy
  • I commit to CSTM's Trip Cancellation Policy
  • I commit to The CSTM's STM Insurance Policy
  • I commit to thoroughly prepare for taking my team through the preparation process
  • I commit to taking my team through the Interview Process
  • I commit to making sure that my team meets the Participant Expectations stated by The CSTM
  • I commit to completing the preparation process with my team
  • I commit to the full participation of each team member on this trip unless exception is given by The CSTM
  • I commit to maintaining current and honest communication with The CSTM's staff
  • While understanding that I am responsible for my team, the final authority on the trip will be the Trip Leader from The CSTM Staff as directed by the Host Ministry Director.