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Trip Pricing

* All Teams Must have a Minimum of 10 Team Members 12 Years Old or Older by the Start Date of the Trip, Participating for the Entire Trip.

*Teams Dropping in Size Below 10 at Trip Time Still Need to Pay for 10 Team Members and are Subject to a Change in Trip Location.

*The Final Per Person Price Applies to all Team Members Regardless of Their Length of Time on the Trip.

*Price Includes:

  • Team Leader Preparation Materials
  • All Team Member Preparation Materials
  • Trip Devotional Theme Kit for all Team Members (Various Themes Available)
  • CSTM Approved Public Transportation Expenses During the Trip, This does NOT Include Transportation from Airports, Train Stations, Etc. to or from the Host Ministry or Housing Site
  • Housing
  • 3 Meals per Full Day
  • Ministry Supplies (Limited to Items Purchased by CSTM, This does not Apply to Items you Purchase Prior to or During the Trip)
  • Ministry Equipment
  • Staffing
  • Background Checks for your Adult Team Members
  • All Administrative Fees
  • Medical & Travel Insurance for International Trips Only!

*Not Included:

  • Notary and Doctor Fees
  • Medical Insurance Travel Plans for Domestic Trips-Required for Team Members Without Medical Insurance
  • Travel Expenses To, During and From your Trip Excluding CSTM Approved Public Transportation Expenses During the Trip
  • Worship Leader
  • All Free Time Expenses and Meals
  • Additional Trip Staff Expenses Incurred as a Result of Team Adjustments to Trip ie. Staying in a Hotel
  • Pre Trip Site Visit
  • Penalties or Payment Late Fees

*Additional Services we can Provide at an Additional Cost:

  • Your Promotional Meeting
  • Pre-trip site visit
  • Pre-trip training meetings
  • Trip leader training
  • Prayer cards
  • Additional items like duffle bags, sweat-shirts, etc.
  • Video for your Return Service

*Domestic Pricing for Children on Family Trip or Attending with a Parent

  • Children Age 5-11 Years Old by the Start Date of the Trip-$30 flat fee & $20 per night
  • Children Age Under 5 by the Start Date of the Trip-Free
  • International Trip Pricing for Children TBD
  • Children Under the Age of 12 by the Start Date of the Trip must be Accompanied by at Least one of Their Parents

*Current Pricing Expires August 31, 2020

Trip Per Person Pricing Chart

3 Night Domestic Trip6 Night Domestic TripCustom TripsInternational Trips



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