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Equipping Teams, Serving Servants, Loving Neighbors!

During a recent mission trip to Philadelphia, PA., one of our young team members had the opportunity to be an "Angel"! This young man was almost back to our base when he saw a homeless gentleman hunched against a mailbox. His second thought convinced him to head back to this man to give him one of the gift bags we were handing out. After giving the man the gift, the man started crying. The homeless man explained that the night before he was about to commit suicide. He prayed, "God if you are real, send me an angel." The homeless man looked up at the boy and said, "You are my angel."

Wow! This story so reflects our heartbeat to place teams in postion to work with local churches and organizations to care for their neighbors by sharing Jesus with those we meet.

Your gift will help us provide the supplies we need to serve those we meet. School supplies, hygiene items, healthy food, medical supplies, water, furniture, shoes, reading glasses, sleeping bags, etc. are needed in great quantity to share His love with those we meet.