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How We Help

Logistical support and missions education/exposure are our "specialties." We help you plan and run mission events and short-term trips, teach and challenge your group about missions and evangelism and offer support in many other ways. Our efforts will help:

1. Develop spiritual life skills in your group:
By focusing each trip on the basics -- spiritual disciplines that are necessary both on and off the field -- we will help reinforce that which you are currently striving to instill in your group.
In this way we serve each participant.

2. Advance the work of local ministries:
By providing thoroughly equipped people resources, we will be able to offer encouragement and support for those missionaries already on the field.
In this way we serve our world.

3. Save you time:
By handling trip logistics, we free you up to focus on the discipleship of your group before, during and after the trip.
In this way we serve the local church.