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Haiti Ministry Options & Area Description

Ministry Options:

  • Help Build a 10 Room School House
  • Lead a VBS for Island Children
  • Conduct a Sports Camp for the Local Kids
  • Help Teach in a Local School
  • Teach Music to Teens & Children
  • Provide Much Needed Dental Care
  • Doctors are Needed to Serve the Island with their Medical Skills
  • Share the Gospel through Drama Presentations
  • Serve a Local Orphanage
  • Help with an Irrigation Project
  • Teach Bible School at Night
  • Help Build a Soccer Field
  • Serve in a Refugee Camp
  • Serve in a Clinic

Area Description:

  • Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake on 01/12/2010 Killed up to 230,00 People, 1.3 Million Displaced
  • Trip Locations are Available in Haiti or a Small Island Just Off the Coast
  • Most of the Area is Still Under Rubble
  • Vudoo is Wide Spread Throughout the Area
  • Most Live in Poverty
  • Crime is a Significant Problem

Country Description: (most info from haiti-micah.org)

  • Population: 9.8 million people
  • Yearly Income per Capita - $660 US Dollars
  • Religion: Christianity, 55% Roman Catholic
  • Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.
  • The unemployment rate is over 80%.
  • More than half of Haitians live on less than a dollar a day.
  • There are few paved roads, an inadequate supply of potable water, minimal utilities, and depleted forests.
  • About 60% of the population lives in abject poverty.
  • Less than 20% of Haitians age 15 and over can read and write.
  • Fewer than 75% of children attend school.
  • 40% of the Haitian population does not have access to primary health care.
  • The United Nations estimates 6% of Haitians are infected with HIV/AIDS. The highest rate in the Western Hemisphere. An estimated 30,000 people die of AIDS every year.
  • One in twenty Haitians is infected with HIV/AIDS and there are over 150,000 AIDS orphans.