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Sample Daily Schedule

Thank you for remembering that this schedule is only a sample representation of what a typical day looks like on one of our trips.

Your customized schedule may look very different from what is shown below.

The tentative schedule below will, however, give you a general idea as to the key elements of each day.

Time of DayActivity

Early Morning


Early Morning

Quiet Time

Mid Morning

Mid Morning Ministry




Afternoon Ministry

Late Afternoon

Dinner/Down Time

Early Evening

Evening Ministry Option

Mid Evening

Debrief & Worship

Customizing your schedule leaves you with many options.

Your team can participate in different ministries and different ministry locations each day or part of a day for exposure reasons.

Or maybe you want your team to be with the same ministry each day with the intent that relationships are developed.

Maybe you would like to use one part of the day to experience a variety of ministries and the other part of the day for daily ministry at one location.

The choice is yours as to how you want the trip schedule to work to accomplish your trip objectives.